Kitchen: Chaga + Miso Broth

Jodie and I, here at Tama Wellness have been a little obsessed with this incredibly nourishing broth. So, we thought it was time to share, as the weather begins to cool down and our bodies need that extra bit of lovin’! 

It’s a tonic that not only supports the immune system but is amazing for our skin too. It is extremely easy, making it fool – proof and perfect for those lazy winter days.

Chaga, nicknamed the gift from heaven is a medicinal mushroom best recognised for its immune boosting properties and its ability to reduce oxidative stress in the skin. Preventing fine lines, wrinkles and acne.


Miso – 1 tbsp
Orchard St Chaga – 1 tsp
Spring Onions – 1 tbsp, finely chopped
Dried Nori – ¼ sheet
Bone Broth – 1 cup (we love the Nutraorganics Chicken Miso Ramen Broth for this recipe)

Note: these measurements are for one person (one cup).


Boil some water.
Whilst the water is boiling, place the miso, chaga, spring onions and dried nori into your favourite mug.

In a separate bowl mix the boiled water with your broth. It’s important to let this cool down slightly to a nice warm drinking temperature before adding it to your mug. By doing this, you prevent the amazing pre, and probiotic elements in the ingredients (miso, spring onion, nori) from being over cooked.

Once the bone broth has cooled slightly add to your mug and.. voila.


— Kristy

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