Tama People: Josh Ball

Tama People is a series dedicated to the self – care rituals of our beloved clients here at Tama Wellness.

Today we chat to local film maker, photographer and mindset coach, Josh Ball.

Describe your morning routine.. My morning routine consists of getting up at 6am, journalling, then meditating for 10 minutes. Then getting dressed and getting to the gym for about a 45 minute workout. Then have a cold shower for conditioning of discomfort. At about 8am I will get to work. Make myself a pot of coffee.. not all for me. Then get stuck into social media work and main work, attacking the hardest most creative thing first.

What do you love most about using an infrared sauna? I love the way the sauna makes my body feel afterwards and during the sauna. I love to sweat. I really like the benefits of the infrared sauna, like blood movement, the way it makes me feel, the relaxation afterwards and sleep improvement. 

How do you overcome feeling anxious or nervous? I overcome anxiety by doing things I enjoy or being social. I really like to go out into nature and run or workout. To keep my mind on things. But honestly mainly working. I love work and by making progress that soothes my anxiety. 

What is your ideal sauna soundtrack? My ideal sauna soundtrack would be Tora - Too much. Something quite chilled where I can close my eyes and be in a meditative state. Or a podcast about mindset or psychology. Always learning.

What health advice would you give to your younger self? My health advice would be to drink less. Exercise more. Always be learning. Eat more greens, less shitty food after footy. Start meditating and practising gratitude, empathy and mindfulness. Also give back more to the people who need it and be less selfish.

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