TAMA People: Naomi, Soul Wellness

TAMA People: Naomi, Soul Wellness


Naomi from Soul Wellness shares with us her story and ways in which she can help your mental health and wellbeing.

N: Thankyou so much for the invite to write about mental health, how I support my own mental health and how I assist clients at my business Soul Wellness.

T. What does mental health mean to you?

N.To me, mental health is not separate from physical, emotional or spiritual well-being. I view mental health from a holistic perspective, to be considered as part of our overall health and vitality. Thankfully we are moving from viewing mental health as something not to be discussed or to be ashamed about. We are vulnerable to struggles with our mental health by virtue of being human and living on this busy at times stressful planet!

T. Whats your thoughts on mental health in todays society? and in-particularly the southwest?

N. As mentioned I have seen a move towards more acceptance in talking about mental health in the past few years and people are exploring alternative options to support their mental health rather than medication (either through self medicating or via pharmaceuticals). I feel we are particularly fortunate in the South West to have access to a variety of healing modalities that can support our mental health.

T. What was your reason for choosing to work in this field?

N. My drive, passion and purpose has always to help others ever since I was a child. Along the way I have also healed many of my own traumas and challenges. I will say that the work in relation to our mental health is probably never done! I see mental health and healing as a continuum, a journey, although I believe it is possible to get to a place where you are comfortable and confident in knowing how to support your mental health.

T. Whats your own mental health journey?

N. Like many people, I experienced anxiety which developed into panic attacks as a young adult. A lovely counsellor suggested that I try yoga (which in those days was not popular or well known!). Starting a yoga practice in my early 20's then led me to explore many modalities of healing such as reiki, and art therapy. Eventually, I decided to study Human Services/Social Science at University working in Social Work, eventually going on to become a professional Counsellor.

T. What are some factors that can affect mental health?

N. Past unresolved trauma, unprocessed emotions and experiences, general stress and worry about living in the world, physical illness or imbalances.

T. When is a good time for someone to start there mental health journey?

N. The sooner the better!! I love working with children and young people because their brains are so receptive and adaptable! I believe it is important to help young people develop skills and resilience which hopefully minimises more serious long-term mental health challenges. I also believe that it is never too late to address mental health, really it is just part of being human and as important as our physical health.

T. What are some practical tools, routines, rituals and practices you can suggest to anyone wanting to improve there mental health today? Inclusive and considering factors of (socio-economics, external environments, emotional and physical advantages/dis-advantages?)

N. There are many simple tools and practices ( and so much access to free apps and information) we can use to improve our mental health. Importantly it is about making small incremental changes, and being consistent. I'm a big advocate for moving your body every day, and engaging in mindfulness or meditation practices. Connection with others and finding what gives you purpose and joy are other important factors. I also think we need to accept when we have bad days and to honour ourselves in those times when we don't feel great, to find a way to soothe and comfort ourselves. Just as we need to know when and how to pick ourselves up and keep going while ensuring that we do this from a place of love and compassion for ourselves.

T. Whats your routine/ritual/practice for keeping your own mental health in check?

N. Over many years of ups and downs I have realised that a simple morning routine is vital for me. If I start the morning well, I feel my day is better! For me, this starts with some sort of gratitude practice, breathing, meditation/ yoga and exercise. I complement this routine with other activities such as walking in nature, swimming in the ocean, massage and saunas when I can. I try to keep my well-being practices as straightforward as I can so that they are easier to maintain. I have learned to not beat myself up too much (I think we all have a tendency to be critical of ourselves!)if I have that extra glass of champagne or piece of chocolate. I am better at regulating and gently guiding myself back to the healthy routines that I know make me feel good and help my mental and physical health to stay on track.

T. What do you offer at Soul Wellness? Where can people find you and how to book a session with you?

N. As a private practitioner at Soul Wellness I provide a safe, trauma-informed space to deeply listen and hold space for people at their most vulnerable. I can help clients shift old toxic emotions and work with them to make sense of themselves and their past experiences. I have many years of lived and professional experience to offer to my clients and I keep current by undertaking ongoing professional development.

I work from home in Dunsborough and provide individual and couples counselling either in person or online. You can call me on 0488 081 169 or book online.



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