Tama People: Penny Woods

Tama People is dedicated to the self – care rituals of our beloved clients here at Tama Wellness.

Today we chat to mother and business owner of Wild and Woods Café, Penny Woods.

Describe your morning routine? I wish I had a morning routine but it’s anything goes at the moment with my three month old and three year old. I do prioritise a quick 20 minute mat Pilates session before I leave the house. It puts me in the right headspace.

What prompted you to seek infrared sauna therapy? Relaxation and to improve my circulation.

What is your ideal sauna soundtrack? Listening to my favourite podcast – Health, Happiness and Human Kind. Or, a relaxing Spotify playlist.

Favourite style of movement? Pilates (the Keep it Cleaner app) and a weekly PT session with Kaylee from Lift Down South.

What are you currently reading? Make a Living Living by Nina Karnikowski.

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