The Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy

Our bodies are incredible and have been designed to naturally detox (via lymphatic system) .. to a certain extent. Today however, we are exposed to higher levels of toxins, so it’s important to practice simple detox measures on a regular basis.

Sauna therapy has been known to not only aid in detoxification but will also promote anti – ageing, skin rejuvenation, increase metabolism, blood circulation, aid in weight loss, reduce pain, improve cardiovascular function, immune function, quality of sleep, stress management and relaxation.

Traditional use includes the Finnish sauna or similar, however more modern use involves the Infrared Sauna.

The infrared light of the sauna resonates with human tissue without heating the surrounding air/space. This approach is gentle and therapeutic due to its gradual increase in depuration (sweating), rather than an instant burst of heat/sweat, often exhausting (although, don’t be fooled, infrared sauna’s do get very hot). I should also mention that infrared rays are safe & can be produced naturally by the sun & our very own bodies.

Muscle Repair & Stamina

Infrared saunas increase the production of heat shock proteins (HSP’s) and growth hormone (GH) levels which aid in the recovery and repair of muscle tissue. Additionally, HSP’s protect muscles from further damage. Frequent sauna use will also, over time improve the bodies resistance to heat, an effective method that can acclimatize the way we respond to other physical stressors.

Skin & Detoxification

Heat encourages the pores on the surface of the skin to open allowing trapped toxins, dirt etc ..  to be released whilst also increasing both oxygenation & circulation to the skin. This, therefore leaves you clean, plump & glowing!

Weight Loss & Detoxification

Weight loss can be attributed to frequent sauna use due to the increase in water loss; sweating. We also know that sweat can contain excess amounts of cholesterol. Increasing your body heat will cause your heart rate to rise. A fast heart rate means your body has to also work faster, burning calories to produce energy. This method can be a beneficial alternative for those who are struggling to exercise on a regular basis. 

Mental Health

We know that exercise can have a profoundly positive effect on our mental state and since sauna therapy basically tricks the body into thinking its exercising, the beneficial similarities between the two go without saying. Studies show that regular sauna use not only promotes relaxation but increases the release of endorphins (the happy, feel – good hormone), making this practise a wonderful option for those suffering from anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, insomnia and even chronic pain/fatigue.

What you can do pre and post session .. 

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! It is very important to drink plenty of water prior to & after your sauna therapy session. Depuration requires the water that is already in your body to eliminate toxins effectively. This, therefore causes dehydration if you have not consumed enough water through - out the day. 
  • Shower before your sauna therapy session. Hot water & a scrub will remove all toxic elements that have accumulated on the skin, increasing the benefits of the sauna therapy session. 
  • Have a good breakfast the morning of & eat healthy light meals regularly through – out the day. Avoiding large meals will redirect your bodies blood supply from the digestive system to circulating through the rest of the body.
  • Shower afterwards. For the beginners, start with a warm shower following your session. For the more regular and advanced users, a cold rinse after your sauna therapy has shown to have strong health benefits.


— Kristy

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