TAMA People: Poets Atelier

TAMA People: Poets Atelier


We Love Poets Atelier Philosophy — beyond skincare, they believe that the ritual of caring for our skin can create experiences that will help alleviate stress in a holistic way and encourage conscious living.

Thats why at TAMA we cant get enough of Poets Atelier's creation, for us creating community with like minds in a society that feeds of instant gratification. These two sisters are a breath of fresh air and we look forward to supporting and collaborating with each other with our shared values and philosophy for the future of wellness.

We hope you enjoy getting to know the sisters behind Poets Atelier as much as we have.

What inspired you to start Poets Atelier, what is your story? I started Poets Atelier with my sister, she was the first person to introduce me to skincare when I was younger and curiosity led me to study cosmetic chemistry, whilst working in a corporate finance role. When I wanted to pursue a different career path, I reached out to the incredible founders of ONDA Beauty in New York who gave me the opportunity to join their team. That role was invaluable and one which I'll always be grateful for. It allowed me to work closely with inspiring brand founders and a team with diversity of thought and experience, whilst serving a strong, loyal community. It gave me a unique perspective, I saw the direct impact of self-care to a persons confidence and a few years later Poets Atelier was born. 

How do you integrate Poets Atelier products into your skincare routine? We created two hero products that can be applied in the morning and evening after cleansing. They are designed to deliver the benefits of multiple products in one, and contain a spectrum of oil-soluble and water-soluble nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Through a focus on building a balanced and resilient skin microbiome, we created our own bio-fermented ingredients targetting hyperpigmentation and premature ageing from UV damage, suitable for all states of skin and is pregnancy safe. The probiotic bio-ferments are supported by ingredients and biotech actives at clinically effective concentrations for maximum efficacy. We love that both our products are essential-oil free, and after tolerance is built - even those with sensitive skin can benefit from them. 

Describe your morning/evening routine - My routine is very simple, in the morning and evening after cleansing the face (I often only use water!), I apply Strength & Recovery Serum, followed by the Biome Active Face Oil (+ SPF in the AM). Our serum doesn't include gums or hyaluronic acid so that those who wear make up during the day can apply it without any stickiness or pilling and it acts as a really nice primer with daily antioxidant protection. I'll also apply an exfoliating mask 1-2 times a week. 

Can you take us through your current daily self-care rituals? I go for either a mindfulness walk or a dip in the ocean every day. I drink bone broth every day and make sure that I prioritise sleep. I don't practice it enough but I do believe in the importance of meditation as a daily ritual.

What are three items you always have in your fridge? We always have fresh fruit in our fridge which we eat after dinner every night, along with tea. There's always some type of cheese - recently discovered Brillat Savarin which is a triple cream soft cheese from France and its amazing. We also keep our matcha green tea powder in the fridge which I make with a bamboo whisk, it's a great mindfulness ritual to foster intention and presence. 

What are your three biggest values in life? Your values drive your actions and guide decisions that can shape your life and those around you. Self-awareness of what your personal values are and living it out in all aspects of your life is actually really difficult, and we could spend hours discussing why that is. Three of my values are integrity, gratitude and compassion.


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