Skin Health: BIOTYSPA

Skin Health: BIOTYSPA


Deborah Levy, who had always been passionate about natural beauty, suffered from psoriasis her whole life. Deborah decided to pursue her dream and learn French holistic beauty techniques. Therefore she designed a range of sculpting and lymphatic drainage techniques for the body and face, then going on to develop a range of skincare and tools to put these specific techniques into practice.

Here, Biotyspa was created. 

Biotyspa offers beauty as a ritual, a 'me-time' to connect with yourself, using massage techniques to sculpt and contour the face and body, as well as enhancing lymphatic flow with simple strokes, simple enough to do in the comfort of your own home.

The ethos is natural and organic skincare that works with the body, rather than against it. "When it comes to natural skincare, Australia was an obvious choice as its sacred and wild land has a lot to offer. From the macadamia, eucalyptus and sandalwood oils originated from the Australia bush, our recipes include as many naive ingredients as possible, that offer a high concentration in nutrients. As the environment is quite hostile in Australia, the plants have to fight to survive more than in a healthy environment, which means they produce a higher concentration of nutrients, and offers amazing properties." - Deborah Levy.

The formulations also have key ingredients inspired from traditional French beauty recipes, such as the coffee extract, juniper oil and grapefruit oil in the Firming Body Oil, which are regularly used in body creams in France to tighten and smooth the skin.

All formulations are made in Australia, NOT tested on animals, are naturally derived and organic.

In addition to clean and natural skincare, Biotyspa have a bespoke range of french inspired tools.

The company launched the Body Sculpt Cup in 2018, with an innovative design that mimics the French 'palpate and roll' massage which encourages the movement and elimination of fluid, toxins and water retention. This stimulates the lymphatic flow and visibly improves skin texture, while effectively reducing the appearance of cellulite.

In 2022, Biotyspa launched the Gua Sha set for Face and Body, with an innovative design to fit the contour of the Face and Body while massaging. Biotyspa Gua Shas enhance lymphatic flow, remove congestion, boost circulation, leaving the skin oxygenated, brighter and toned.

Tama is beyond thrilled to be housing such a beautifully curated wellness product. Now in store and online. Run, don't walk.



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