TAMA People: Tika Hitchcock, Herbalist & Founder of THE WOOED

TAMA People: Tika Hitchcock, Herbalist & Founder of THE WOOED


Growing up in an environment where plants were medicine and nature is a lifestyle, Tika, Founder and Herbalist at THE WOOED says herbalism has always been apart of who she is. THE WOOED was conceived from a deeply transformative journey to heal her nervous system after years of chronic stress and burnout. 




Describe your morning routine.

I’m really grateful that over the last few years my morning routine has slowed down a lot, which has been such a huge part of healing my burnout. I always start my day with about 750ml of warm lemon, ginger and turmeric water to kick start digestion and flush out toxins. I’ll have this with whatever herbs/supplements I’m taking - I change it up depending on what I’m needing but my Seize The Day capsules are a non-negotiable to help with stress, focus, and energy, especially when I have a lot on. 


I love to get outside and move my body in the morning. I’ll usually start with a gentle morning stretch and meditation on our balcony before heading out for a beach walk and swim with my girl Sox (she’s a Boston Terrier). Soaking up the morning sun is super important to me these days as it helps regulate our hormones and circadian rhythm. After I’ve moved my body I’m ready to eat! Breakfast is usually a green juice loaded with fresh leafy plants, followed by a smoothie bowl with lots of seasonal fruit and topped with my homemade granola (I’m such a big fan of breakfast, I get excited just writing this.)


Then I’ll shower, lather myself in our Seize The Day Body Oil to keep my skin and nervous system nourished, and get stuck into whatever work I have to do that day. Each day is usually completely different, depending on what needs to be done within the business, so I really enjoy having this slow and grounding start to the morning. 


Can you take us through your current self-care rituals? How do you prefer to use your Dry Body Brush + Body Gua Sha?

I really believe that the biggest impact on our health is how we think, feel and act in our everyday lives. With that in mind, I try to focus daily on bringing awareness to my thoughts and energy through meditation - are they serving me? Am I living in alignment with the life I desire? This has been my most transformative self-care ritual. 

With that type of self inquiry also comes the awareness of what I’m putting into my body. My diet emphasises organic and local produce for the benefits it has on the health of our community, our planet, and ourselves

I like to keep my self-care rituals simple and holistic, using mostly plants. I drink herbal infusions daily, I nourish my skin with plant oils, and I love using our Dry Body Brush + Body Gua Sha, especially If I’ve been on my feet all day or am feeling a little flat, they really help invigorate the body and get everything circulating. It’s such a mood booster.

My favourite way to use our Dry Body Brush + Body Gua Sha is actually in the sauna! Before I get really sweaty I’ll start with the Dry Body Brush, moving in small circular motions from the hands towards the heart, from the feet towards the hips, and down the torso to the hips. The idea is to move towards your lymph nodes to help with detoxification and circulation. Then I’ll follow with the Body Gua Sha in the same directions. I find doing this in the sauna really enhances the results I get with skin texture, water retention and detoxificationAfter a good rinse off, I always follow this ritual with our Seize The Day Body Oil to really hydrate, calm and protect both the skin and nervous system.


What inspired you to start The Wooed? 

I had worked and studied 7 days a week almost every week since I was a teenager, living a really fast-paced and exhausting lifestyle. Mixed in with challenges we all face like childhood trauma, relationships, etc. and by the time I was in my early 20’s my nervous system was so depleted that I was really struggling with anxiety, fatigue, concentration, weight gain, irregular cycle, skin breakouts - I had all the symptoms of chronic stress and adrenal burnout. 

Eventually I reached the point where I knew I had to make some big changes in my life. Thankfully I had grown up in an environment where nature was medicine, so this is where I turned for help. I focused on slowing down my lifestyle and reconnecting with the cycles of nature. I studied herbalism, working with adaptogens and nervines to restore my nervous system, and worked with a somatic therapist to release trapped emotions that were causing mental and physical blockages. 

Eventually I healed my mind and body, learning so much along the way. My biggest lesson being how interconnected we are with nature, in fact, we are nature. We depend on the natural world just as much as it depends on us. However, we live in a culture that values productivity, efficiency and convenience above all else and unfortunately this is perpetuating chronic stress, burnout and disconnection from the natural world. 

Through slowing down and working with plants, my life has changed so dramatically. I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been, so much more empathic, and truly feel that I’m living in alignment with my deeper purpose. Now my only wish is to help others reconnect with nature and their true selves,  in the same way I have. This is what inspired me to start THE WOOED, and the driving force that keeps it going. 


What is the meaning behind the name of your brand? 

THE WOOED stems from the term ‘woo woo’, which is how people kept referring to all the topics I love talking about 😂 Energy healing, plant medicine, astrology, psychic abilities - these things make up a large part of my personality, a part I used to keep hidden for fear of being judged or dismissed. Instead, I now choose to embrace who I am, which has been an important part of my personal and professional growth. 


What are you listening to at the moment? 

I love curating playlists that create a certain vibe or energy. Sound can be so healing and I love using music to get into a state of flow. I have a bunch of playlists on THE WOOED Spotify channel, but lately my favourite has been Lost In A Day Dream.

In terms of podcasts, lately I’ve been obsessed with Just Tap In with Emilio Ortiz - it’s a collection of conversation and deep insight from pioneers in mindset, health, business, science and spiritual.

I also really love Medicine Stories by Amber Magnolia Hill for incredible knowledge on herbalism and ancestral healing. 


What health advice would you give your younger self?

I would teach myself everything I know now about the menstrual cycle! The four different phases, how to support myself in each, that you can only get pregnant during the ovulation window. I would tell myself that having a menstrual cycle is an honour, not a hinderance or something to be embarrassed of. Such vital information that most young girls are never taught.


THE WOOED is now available at Tama - shop online or in studio.


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