Ritual: Sea Bathing

Ritual: Sea Bathing


Most of us can easily attest to the fact that the ocean has a positive impact on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

We as humans have been aware of water therapy since the ancient times. The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians understood the therapeutic properties of seawater, while Hippocrates, Galen, Plato and Aristotle all recommended time spent immersed in the healing qualities of the ocean.

René Quinton a French physiologist, present during the formation of thalassotherapy, established that seawater components, naturally occurring trace elements and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and iodine (to name just a few) were the same as those found in mammalian cells, bearing a likeness to (our) blood plasma. 

Immune mediated conditions such as eczema & psoriasis have been known to improve with ocean bathing as magnesium rich seawater can restore moisture retention in the skin. Such an abundance of magnesium with the aid of  bromide helps with relieving muscle pain & soreness. The saline like properties of salty seawater can relieve nasal irritation associated with hay – fever & the common cold. Sodium & iodine found in seawater can also aid in wound healing

Plus, it’s so damn relaxing! The weightlessness of seawater has been found to radically slow down brain waves (I imagine this to be physiologically on par with that of a floatation tank).

Regular exposure to cold seawater can significantly increase your white blood cell count. Scientists believe this is due to ‘stress’ caused by the extreme drop in temperature. Mild stressor’s give your immune system a bit of practise. Therefore, making your immune system stronger. Being cold also re – directs blood to your organs, flushing circulation to all your capillaries, veins & arteries, invigorating any stagnation that may be present.

Finally, the most pleasurable benefit of cold plunging, the natural high! Endorphins are released (in an attempt to save you from the sting) inducing an all - encompassing sense of wellbeing & euphoria.

The cold will also stimulate your parasympathetic system, which is responsible for rest and repair. This can trigger the release of ‘happy’ neurotransmitters, dopamine & serotonin. Couple this effect with the endorphin rush as you take the plunge and it should make for a warm glow & a wide smile when you re-emerge.

For the ultimate combo we recommend an Infrared Sauna session followed by a crispy ocean dip.

You’ll thank us later! 


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