Tama People: Seb Joyce

Tama People is dedicated to the self – care rituals of our beloved clients here at Tama Wellness.


Today we chat to local business owner of Joyce Remedial and Tama neighbour, Seb Joyce.

Describe your morning routine.. My morning routine rarely differs. I start early and with a black coffee in bed. I read through emails and check which clients I have for the day. I like to know what the day has in store for me. Once the coffee has defrosted my brain I’ll jump up and have a nice breaky. Then drive past the beach on the way to work.

How does an infrared sauna benefit you and your wellbeing? I feel like an infrared sauna is a full reset. Physically and mentally I feel like a brand new person after a session at Tama. The 45 minutes is definitely more of a mental battle for me. I find myself wanting to get out at the 30 minute mark each time. After 15 more gruelling minutes I can mentally tick that box of “overcoming a challenge”.

What is your ideal sauna soundtrack? It depends what mood I’m in. If I want to switch off and relax I trust Jodie and Kristy’s playlist selection. If I know I’m going to struggle reaching the 45 minute mark I’ll put on a podcast so my concentration is distracted. I’ve done a few completely silent ones which is a whole other level of difficult.

Favourite style of movement? My favourite style of movement is everyday stuff. Riding my bike to the beach, going for a walk around the block or playing hockey. Longevity is the goal. I want to be able to walk and ride into town well into my 80’s.

What health advice would you give to your younger self? Be more consistent. Try new stuff. Be patient.

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